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How Stock Orders Work

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This is how stock orders work with our Stock Market Game:  (only in Realistic Mode)

How Stock Orders Work chart


Set these options on the Trade Now page. Cash is set aside in Withheld Cash until order finishes.
Example: Buy 10 shares of MSFT with a Limit Price of $30 and GTC Expiration.

  • # Shares - The number of shares to trade. Must be a whole number bigger than zero.
  • Symbol - The Stock Symbol. See our Symbol Lookup.
  • Buy/Sell/Short/Cover - Choose Buy to purchase shares, Sell to get rid of them, Sell Short, or Cover your shorted shares.
  • Order Type - See Order Types.
  • Expiration - See Expiration Types.
  • Price - Limit Price for Limit Orders.
How Stock Orders Work

Order waits to be executed in Order Status page. All conditions have to be met:

  • Correct Session - The Expiration Type determines which market session(s) your order can execute in. See our Trading Hours.
  • Expiration - Your order must execute before its expiration time.
    Example: A Day Order expires at the end of the regular trading session.
  • Price - Limit Orders wait for the stock price to be as good or better than the Limit Price.
  • Volume - In real life, there must be enough trading volume for your order to execute. In other words, someone has to buy/sell the shares you sell/buy.
    Our game currently does not have these volume limitations.
How Stock Orders Work

Now you own the stock (if it was a Buy order) in your portfolio - see your Account Summary.

  • Duration - You may keep the stock as long as you like.
    That is NOT affected by the Expiration Type!
  • History - Completed Orders only show up in Order Status for a couple days.
    Visit your long-term Trading History to see months of trading activity.


Orders may be cancelled for several reasons:

  • User - You may cancel your order while it is Pending.
    Your Withheld Cash will be returned to Available Cash.
  • Expired - The order's conditions were not met before the expiration. See above.
  • Not Enough Cash - This usually happens when you place a trade overnight using all of your Available Cash and then the stock's price goes up several percent before the market opens. You could not afford that stock, so your order was cancelled.
  • Not Enough Shares - This is a rare case where our system was asked to sell more shares than you actually owned at the time.

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