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Market Hours for Stocks and Forex

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market Real-life and virtual trading hours for our site (all times Eastern).
Note: Stock Market trading is Monday-Friday, except on holidays.
Also see: Virtual Trading Help.

Delayed Stock Hours

Virtual Stock Market - for real-time quotes Learn more
Real-time Stock Hours

Real Stock Hours

Forex Trading Hours

How do I trade in the Pre- and After-Markets?

If your virtual portfolio is in Fun Mode you can trade 24 hours per day already. But for Realistic Mode and contest portfolios you will have to select a Limit Order on the Trade Now page and then change the Expiration Type to include Extended Hours.
* Note: Our extended hours quotes are not that reliable, which is why we don't allow them in our official contests.

Why are virtual stock trading hours delayed by 20 minutes?

This is because most of our stock quotes are delayed by 15-20 minutes.
So instead of opening at 9:30am, we open at 9:50am because our quote feed starts coming in at 9:45am to 9:50am.
* This delay does not apply to our real-time stock quotes or Fun Mode portfolios.
Some of our stock contests also delay execution of stock orders by 15 minutes. Learn more about this.

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