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Winning at Stock Trading

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Stock Market Articles

 by: Gay Redmile

The world of trading and investment can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding! You need to be prepared...

Firstly, decide if you are a trader or an investor.

An investor is someone who enters the stock market inadvertently - usually via their superannuation policies. A trader is someone who makes a decision to buy and sell shares via the stock market. This can be done online or by using the services of a stock broker.

If you decide to become a trader - to win - you must have a survival strategy...

You need to study the market yourself - not just rely on 'reading the news', or listening to others advice and tips.

Take advantage of technology - computers, software, electronic data - all at your finger tips. Seek out charting software and appropriate internet sites - they are plentiful.

Ensure that you 'manage' your money and keep some in reserve.

Have the ability to quickly identify failures as well as successes.

Stock Market trading appeals to those who are a little adventurous - rather than just placing their capital into bricks and mortar.

But - be mindful that portfolio values are less stable than real estate as they are continually moving up and down.

However - investing in the Stock Market means that you are putting your money to work - be aware, and enjoy the gains!

About The Author

Gay Redmile is the webmaster of several finance and investment sites. Having been a trader for most of her adult life she understand the importance of research and fully understanding the market. For further information visit her site at

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