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Contest: "! Pincus of Smartstocks !"

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# Trader Balance Gain
1 The Wolf (Profile: The1594481) $10,000.01 +0.0%
2 Smartstocks (Profile: Smartstocks1594319) $10,000.01 +0.0%
3 Ais (Profile: Ais1594425) $10,000.01 +0.0%
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4 Treje (Profile: Treje1594428) $10,000.01 +0.0%
5 Amazingpikachu (Profile: Amazingpikachu1594431) $10,000.01 +0.0%
6 Adilson (Profile: Adilson1594452) $10,000.01 +0.0%
Contest Comments
Profile picture 1/13/19
Welcome {:'-D  
Contest Details  
Contest Name ! Pincus of Smartstocks !
Description {:'-D





Public or Private Public
Start / Stop Dates Started January 13, 2019; ends January 13, 2020
Last Day to Join June 13, 2019
Number of Contestants 6 so far
Contest Owner Smartstocks (Jypsy1091544)
Starting Virtual Cash $10,000.01
Virtual Commission $1.00
Contest Style Active Trading
# Resets Allowed Unlimited
Stock Prices Allowed Any Prices
Stock Exchanges Allowed AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC/BB, TSX/TSXv (Canada)
Mutual Funds Allowed Yes
After-Hours Allowed Yes
Accounts Viewable After the contest

This page shows the Top Traders and Contest Rules for this FREE trading contest, which uses our virtual stock market game.



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