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Our free game allows you to practice buying real symbols using imaginary money to learn How The Market Works and to gain experience with virtual trading. This is also known as paper trading or fantasy trading. Over 35,000 new members each month!

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Practice Virtual Trading (Paper Trading) On Your Own

We created this site to help you get started in the world of investing. There is never any charge for any information or services on our site. So, read a few articles, try our system out, and have a good time. And don't worry, our system only uses fake money, so there is no risk of losing real money. To get started, use the stock market login above.

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Also, if you feel like competing, you can invite your friends or your classroom to join a contest that you create. It is a fun way to track your positions and your gains and losses. You can even set custom parameters for your contest. Give it a try!

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Paper Trading on Our Site:

This site was created to help you learn about the buying and selling of shares in a safe and fun way. Other websites, books, and TV shows often use financial lingo that can be hard for a beginner to follow. The truth is that it is actually quite easy to get involved in once you learn the basics. That does not mean it is easy to pick winners or eliminate all the risk, but that is why it is good to practice with a site like this one, where you can try your hand with fake money. Find the stock market game login above.

Is it hard to pick winners? Sometimes it is, especially during a bear (declining) market. But during a bull market it can be quite easy to have success. Because of the risk inherent in owning shares in just one company, it is recommended that you own several of them. Thirty or more would be ideal but that is not possible when you have limited funds. Mutual funds were created to for this very reason. They allow you to own shares from tens or hundreds of companies, to spread out the risk, also called diversifying. What tools do you have to pick winners? One of the most popular tools is called a screener. It allows you to search the thousands of symbols available by several criteria, such as price range, industry, exchange, P/E ratio, and a few others.

Another way to find symbols is to pick them randomly. We have a tool called Throw Darts, which allows you to set a few simple options and then click a button to choose a random symbol. Obviously, it is very easy to use, but it is not likely to find a quality company every time. It is definitely fun to discover new opportunities that way though.

Another popular method for learning about companies that are doing well is to watch TV shows such as CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. They discuss trending companies and often interview their CEOs. They also have many analysts come on the show and discuss what they think will happen in the coming weeks.

One of the oldest sources of information is the newspaper. Larger papers still have business sections with daily share prices from the previous day, along with short articles on the movers and shakers. You can still find valuable information in these newspapers. You can also find data, such as oil prices, commodity prices, and sometimes futures prices.

After You Practice Trading With Virtual Trading:

Once you feel comfortable with your trading ability on our site, you might be ready to try a real brokerage. There are many quality brokerages out there, such as TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, and E*Trade. Applying is fast and easy, and commissions are quite reasonable. Each brokerage will give you similar tools, such as charts and detailed analysis of each company, along with analyst ratings of many companies. However, they usually don't help you make your decisions unless you put a lot of money into your account.
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